(a few snaps on location)
 & couple of shots from the shoot

1 WK L8R

OK. So this particular week (sometime in the past as all my photos are posted a couple of weeks later than the events...) one of my disposables went missing at a club, and the other someone took from me and never gave back, so the photos below are all have from that week, hence it's your task to use your imagination to conjure all the magical photos that would have been uploaded..

Haven't wrote much in awhile, so thought I'd write here. NYC is great, it's pretty awesome at this point & have been super busy too which is always good.

This recent week:
-I started my two new scene study courses at The Barrow Group (after completing two TV/Film courses, so I'm improving which is exciting), started test shooting over a couple of days for a reality sitcom I'm going to be in centered around a comedy club (cos' I'm such a funny person.....)
-Picked up my 4th & 5th fashion design samples that had been finished off by my partner and starting work on the 6th.
-Went up to Poughkeepsie for the Vassar Brothers Medical Auxiliary Red Carpet Fashion Show that I was closing, put me up in a hotel the night before which was cool and spent most of it eating with the models from the open restaurant haha, afterwards got back to Manhattan and went to a few house parties.
-Saturday shot a short film, most of it taking place as a Brooklyn party scene shot documentary style so basically being filmed at a party, then went back to a friends having a fun night till way into the morning ahem next day, which wasn't so good getting up for the last scene shoot on Sunday but managed!

YAH stuff is happening here, shooting for a magazine on wednesday but my focus isn't really on modelling, hopefully something can happen with acting in the future, and if I work hard at my craft, am ambitious and passionate there is no reason something can't happen. Going to LA in about a month with mother to hopefully sign with a certain modelling agency and also meet some acting agencies and see what happens! Have to go back home for university at the end of July so will try continue everything I can there as much as I can and perhaps transfer to NYU for next year.

Everything is hazy and uncertain and I hope to let this mystery drive me forward. Though as I tweeted earlier... we are all destined for some greatness but the only issue is realising to what extent? Does it need to be that level everyone seems to be desire or could it just be greatness amongst our social circle or peers or even just ourselves? How can we learn to be satisfied and even love what we already have and can achieve.. is that not the hardest part? All this experimentation and experience could be my greatness, and I need to learn to accept how amazing that really is, and not look so far ahead thinking that happiness lies with the mad notion of 'fame' and success.

We are all far too OBSESSED.

KALTBULT magazine interview

Bend Light!

Harry Hains is a 20 year old model who just moved to New York after living in London & traveling through Europe. He has a very interesting obsession: film photography. He will always carry his camera with him everywhere he goes and in his visual diaries he documents his daily adventures out and about, adventures he shares on his blog: Bend-Light!

KALTBLUT: What has made you move from Australia to New York?
Harry: I’ve been away from my home in Melbourne for about a year now (wow, it’s been a long time..) most of which has been spent in London. I was studying a Bachelor of Science at university and after my first year I had to get out! With my best friend agreeing to come with and modelling opportunities I took off. Though things were starting to heat up in London, I left in the midst of the peak for a new challenge — arriving in New York a few weeks ago to further my modelling career, study acting and utilise my US passport that I was so lucky to have (thanks mum).

KALTBLUT: How different do you find it in New York and what fascinates you most?
Harry: Ooh they are so very different, I don’t even know if I’ll recognise Melbourne when I return. I felt so limited there, so contained. New York is FULL of creative opportunities, with room for anyone to grow, it is hungrier and more competitive and has the most amazing selection of restaurants and food that any boy could even dream of.. My biggest problem is I am too fascinated by everything, I love the endless fashion and art and the people here are all so driven and motivated that it inspires me. New York is incredible: the energy that flows through this city is something that I’ve never seen anywhere else.

KALTBLUT: How did you decide to start taking pictures?
Harry: Half-way through last year we were in Barcelona and my backpack of all things important and electronic including camera, phone, macbook and wallet was stolen (times of darkness) so with my newfound fear of being robbed I started to use a disposable camera and leave everything at home.

When I had these developed I realised how beautiful some of them looked — far more interesting then my camera or phone. Over time I started to use it more and more until now I never leave my house without one! I have become obsessed and I think (or hope) my friends are getting some of the obsession as I WIDLY snap at them.. As of last week.. Strangers.. Where does it end?!
 KALTBLUT: What does your day look like? What would it be like without your camera?
Harry: My day-to-day changes but there’s always a photo being taken and I update my blog almost everyday with the adventures my camera & I share. At the moment I’m setting up a magazine so running around organising with meetings here and there and then studying acting on the side. But ALWAYS with my deposable in my pocket. I like it because it captures the instant, the moment, there’s no turning back and no way to see the present until the night is over & enough time to forget has passed. I’d feel a little helpless or something without it! (ok I admit when I run out of film, a piece of me inside dies). I’ve grown very attached, perhaps too attached, but I like it — a nice romance.
 Interview by Amanda M. Jansson