Claudyknight is a friend of mine whose 'music duo' we went and saw at this quant pub down somewhere south of London. She was REALLY good - her voice sounded awesome and the music production was great, electro / post-dubstep sound. I'll link her soundclound below

She's uploaded a live set, which I'd recommend to check out as I loved her live more than the studio recordings, though Hurricane is still a sick track (as well as the others).


"BEND LIGHT is about documenting my journey", and doing so by assigning volumes to each part. Vol 1 has already occurred and that was the period of returning to London after my trip. It is only one roll of film long, so I will post the few events over the next week so I can return closer to the present and start having more fun with "blogging." I'm very much interested in using a blog as it's a far cleaner medium to keep track than facebook or twitter. Besides, I'm the type of person ALWAYS looking for a new project - let this be a personal experiment.

I live here
The Rain Room @ The Barbican

In my green room:
A house warming:



Cocorosie have been my favourite band for many years, they are so unusual and fantastic in every way. And their live performance was something else, probably one the most incredible performances of my life making me love them even more if that was possible.. I look forward to seeing them again in the future :)

Bianca Casady and I !!
Sierra Casady and I !!
..and my friend was with one of the band members so it made it even better mwahaha


film developed from a couple of the days out in Europe (jul 2012).

 Park Guell


 MADRID - popcorn upon arrival at Kapitol club



HELSINKI - Flow Festival

eurotourism part III - iceland

One of the more remarkable parts of my trip was going to such a strange & beautiful place: ICELAND
 Their currency..

 The Blue Lagoon

 Horse-riding through Lava fields
 My horse :)
 Exploring lava tubes

 The church in Reykjavik 

 Views over Reykjavik 

 Glacier Hiking

 Me climbing a glacier !