in NYC !

I moved to New York a week and a half ago, so my posts from now, including the previous self-portrait, are all from here.

If you've been following my blog, VOL 3 was about uncertainty, so let me address some of those "uncertainties" from a few weeks ago.

Modelling agencies: it's come down to choosing either a very decent agency with amazing Film/TV affiliations (one of the premier bi-coastal theatrical agencies) or one of the top agencies with stronger editorial, but there is no rush to sign as its NYFW and I'm too short for them to push me for runway. The LA agency of the former one I mentioned is very interested too, and that's more important anyway if I wanted to get into acting. I'd absolutely love to get into it / far moreso than staying with just modeling so it's probably best to go with the former agency.

I mentioned, "I can't book my flight just yet as I may have booked a big campaign here in London" which I ended up booking - Adidas originals SS13.

And "Thanks to the last two days, I'm a quarter of the way through the first draft of a novel." I turned it into a screenplay, which I'm about 50 minutes in so far.

Theme of uncertainty for this VOL continues, who knows how I will do with modelling here and what will happen with acting or my script or likely nothing will happen at all - it's still all part of the adventure. I'm giving myself five and a half months to test the waters, as I've just enrolled in 'exploring human disease', 'comparative animal physiology' and 'genetics & evolution of life' for second semester of uni back home (my deferral for my bachelor of science degree is over late July)

Let's see---