VOL 3 - Uncertainty

Uncertainty of what?? Life in general I suppose but specifically my RIGHT NOW is full of uncertainties!

(If you just joined my blog, I have separated periods of my life that I blog about in volumes, here we have arrived at a new era - number 3).

In one week I may be moving to New York, yes, ONE WEEK. I have already got one pretty good modelling agency that wants to sign me, BUT, I am still waiting to hear back from three others - these three are practically number 1-3 top agencies in NY, one of which has the number one men's division in the world. Imagine that? I try not too, it's a dream.

I've been waiting for WEEKS for their response - damn these fashion weeks, and I can't book my flight just yet as I may have booked a big campaign here in London.

Also, exciting news that an acting agent in NY wants to mentor me, so who knows what that could lead to. But there is a workshop on the 27th he said would be "beneficial" with a big FOX casting director so that and also if one of the top agencies say yes, they may need me for fashion week castings the week after, hence why I'm thinking of booking my flight for the 26th. Though it isn't that likely I'd do well at fashion week since, y'know, I'm not the required 8 foot tall.

And I'm going to motivate myself to start writing again. Thanks to the last two days, I'm a quarter of the way through the first draft of a novel. That may get me no where but how exciting would it be to finish a big project like this.


Life is about exploring everything, so let's see how well I can EXPLORE.

And do you know the BEST thing about blogging this self-obsessed crap? I can look back later and see what I've achieved and see who I've become because this is now permanent on the internet and there is nothing I can do to run from it all.

PS, start your day (and life) with....